Do He Pay The Bills? SMH


Wise men lead homes, Not rule them. Everything a man so call owns, is actually own and shared by God, who’s actually the creator of all. Playing the bread winning game in a home only gets in the way of the true organic substance of what love truly is. Love is not about ownership, as if one is a piece of property or retail item. No women wants a man who brags on what he has done or what he can pay. Love is that thing that continuously last through ups and downs of good times and bad. Women who are soon to be wives gravitate to men of profound character with less, versus a man who can do great limits and brags. Its not about what you can pay but your Character , and how you move with what you’re bless with. There is no I in team. Trust me, there men who are paying a profound portion of bills in a home but are far from being a leader within one. Pure things done from the heart, are usually done in secret between you and your party of choice. Its all about working together. Each person playing there role with great spirit and keeping the others best being at heart. Don’t build your relationship off of how much he can pay,  I mean that even sounds stupid to speak…. SMH

You Can’t Buy Manhood, Thats Developed Through Godly Character…




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